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Recorded Webinar Library

COPAA's Training Committee conducts live webinars throughout the year and the database has access to over 70 + archived sessions. Webinars provide meaningful training on a wide variety of topics to attorneys, advocates, related professionals, who represent students with disabilities, as well as parents and students. WebEx Event Center connects COPAA speakers with participants for real-time, online webinars or on-demand recorded presentations. Webinars are convenience cost effective training delivered to you on your closest computer.

You may purchase the 2018 Webinar Series in any of the follow ways:

  1. Annual Subscription - Includes the 2018 Webinar Series and all webinars below
  2. 2018 Webinar Series - Series 1, Series 2, or Series 3
  3. Individual Webinars from the 2018 Series - 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.

All webinars below are included with an Annual Subscription.


ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning
Impact of ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning and Equal Educational Opportunity
Matt Cohen
Ten Ways to Successfully Request an Independent Education Evaluation
Lesli Doan
Literacy Outcomes
Improved literacy outcomes for children with Intellectual Disabilities: What we know about effective evaluation and intervention
Anne I. Treimanis, Esq. and Kathleen M. Whitbread, Ph.D.
Mental Health
Advocating for the Elephant in the Room: Using Special Education Advocacy to Address Youth Mental Health Needs
Sarah Flore
Nuts and Bolts of Going Pro
Becoming an Advocate -- Nuts and Bolts of Going Pro Diane Willcutts


Assessments and Quality Education
High Expectations, Assessments and Quality Education
Deborah Taub, Deborah Telfer and Allison Wohl
Impact and Strategies for New Diagnostic Criteria
Using DSM-5 Specific Strategies
Barbara Ebenstein
IQ Testing
Making Good Decisions about IQ Testing
Melissa Farrall
Language Evaluations
Good Language Evaluations
Lydia Soifer and Heather Ironside
Reading and Writing
Understanding Tests of Reading and Writing
Melissa Farrall


Advocacy for Children with Behavior Problems
Mark Kamleiter
Assessments and Intervention Plans
Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans Practical Evaluation and Legal Aspects
Annie McLaughlin and Cheryl Steedman
Behavior Change
Evaluating FBAs and BIPs for Legal Compliance and Components to Support Behavior Change
Dr. Anne McLaughlin
Effective School Discpline
Advocating for Effective School Discpline
Lisa Sryon
Emotional Disturances
Impact of Emotional Disturances
Dr. Lauren Stevenson
Manifestation Determination Reviews
Succeeding in Manifestation Determination Reviews: A Step-by-Step Approach for Obtaining the Best Result
Michele Savongilli
Non Attending Student
Representing the Non Attending Student
Charley Fox
Residential Placement
When Residential Placement is Necessary
Michele Savongilli


Adverse Educational Performance
But Her Grades are Fine: Proving Adverse Educational Performance
Charlie Fox and Julie Welsh
Child Find
It’s Called Child Find, Not “Child Wait”
Sarah Florhe, Deborah Jacobson, and Kimberly Glassman
Educational Benefit Standards
Educational Benefit Standards
Judith Gran
School Refusal
You Can't Make Me Go! Navigating the Legal Labyrinth of School Refusal
Josh Kershenbaum and Jason Fortenberry
Service Dogs
If My Service Dog Can't Come to School Neither Can I
Christina Ghio


ADHD and Executive Functioning
Impact of ADHD and Executive Functioning Deficits on Learning Behaviors
Susan Bruce
Issue-Spotting for Advocates:  An Overview of How to Analyze a Client's Case for Effective Advocacy
Mandy Favaloro
Creating and Implementing an Airtight Individualized Transition Plan
Amy Larsen
Organizing Data to Tell Your Story
Penny Simpson
Educational Goals
Autopsy of an IEP: Finding & Filling Holes to Obtain Educational Goals
Lisa Fagan
Eligibility Checklist
Eligibility Checklist: A Simple Assessment Tool
Danielle Tenner
IDEA and Placement
IDEA’ s “Placement” Decision: More than Just Location
Jon Zimring
All About IEEs
Diane Willcutts
Keeping I in IEE
Alexis Casillas
Roadblocks to Getting a Truly Independent IEE
Tania Whiteleather and Lisa Peskay-Malmsten
Implementation and Data
"Putting Feet on the IEP: Implementation, Fidelity Data, and Progress Monitoring"
Sandra Dixon Shove and Ann Simun
IEP and Inclusion: Full participation through IEP Process
Selene Almazan
Parent Guide
Myths and Misperceptions: A Guide to Help Parents Make Informed Decisions Using Accurate Information
Missy Alexander and Louis Geigerman 
Positive Behavior Support
Beyond ABC’s: Obtaining & Using Effective Positive Behavior Support
Felicia Hurewitz and Jennifer Sang
Preparation and Strategies for IEP Meeting
Preparation and Advocacy Strategies Before the IEP Meeting
Carrie Watts and Mandy Favaloro
School Evaluation
When Is the School Evaluation Appropriate?
Andy Feinstein
Student Eligibility
The “Adversely Affects Educational Performance” Standard In The Determination of Student Eligibility For Children Who Make Passing Grades
Mandy Leigh
Transition Assessment Data
Bridges to Cross and Bridges to Burn: Using Transition Assessment Data
Ann Simun and Sandra Dixon


2009 Case Law Review
2009 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
2010 Case Law Review
2010 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
2011 Case Law Review
2011 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
2012 Case Law Review
2012 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
2013 Case Law Review
2013 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
2014 Case Law Review
2014 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
2015 Case Law Review
2015 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
2016 Case Law Review
2016 Annual Case Law Review
Judith Gran
504 and the ADA
Using Section 504 and the ADA in Special Education Advocacy
Catherine Reisman, Esq.
The Judge Said What?! How to Handle Appeals
Catherine Reisman, Esq. and Alexis Casillas, Esq.
Civil Rights Damages
Civil Rights Damages In Special Ed Cases
Marcy Tiffany
Compensatory Education
Making Up Is Hard To D: Comp Ed
Michele Kule Korgood
IDEA and Discovery
Discovery Issues in IDEA Cases
Sonja D. Kerr and Dorene Philpot
IDEA and Fee Shifting Fee Shifting Under the IDEA
Amiee Gilman
IDEA Remedies
Making a Federal Case of it Without Exhausing IDEA Remedies
Catherin Reisman and Sarah Zuba
IEP Process
Navigating Litigation Limbo Guiding the IEP Process Post Appeal
Mark Woodsmall
Representing Low Income Clients
Taking Fees Out of the Equation Representing Low Income Clients in Special Education
Sande Shamash and Marissa LaVette
RTI Revisited:  Common Problems and Solutions for Practice
Matt Cohen
Running Your Own Practice
Running Your Own Special Education Practice
James Barron
Significant Disproportionality
Significant Disproportionality
David Jefferson
Stay Put
Creating a Winning Stay Put Argument
Carrie Watts and Mandy Favaloro
Top 40
The Top 40 Chart-Topping District Court Decisions
Richard O'Meara and Buckley Hugo
Top 40
The Top 40 Chart-Topping District Court Decisions of 2014
Richard O'Meara
Top 40
The Top 40 Chart-Topping District Court Decisions of 2016
Richard L. O’Meara, Esq. and Amy Phalon, Esq.


Education Policy 101 -- The Basics of the Issues
Katy Beh, Ron Hager, Laura Kaloi and Marcie Lipsitt


Learning to Read
Learning to Read -- Part 1
Elaine Holden and Melissa Farrall
Reading to Learn
Reading to Learn -- Part 2
Elaine Holden and Melissa Farrall
Assessment -- Part 3
Elaine Holden and Melissa Farrall
Direct, Systematic Multisensory Instruction -- Part 4
Elaine Holden and Melissa Farrall


African American Students and Implicit Bias
Battling Implicit Bias to Advocate for African American Students with Disabilities
Dustin Rynders and Dr. Alfreddie Felder
Challenging Disparities
Challenging Racial Disparities in Special Education 
Gloria Perez-Stewart and David Jefferson
Discipline and Restraint
The Promise of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to Address Disparity in Discipline and Restraint/Seclusion Use
Denise Marshall and Laura Kaloi
What Special Education Attorneys and Advocates Need to Know about Immigration Consequences of School Based Behaviors
Constance Wannamaker and Julia Longoria
Rural and Low Income Areas
Special Challenges of Representing Clients in Rural and Low Income Areas
Josh Kershenbaum and Maria Vetter
Serving Low and Moderate Income Families
Make Your Practice Thrive Serving Low & Moderate Income Families
Andrew Cuddy, Esq. and Michael O'Connor, Esq.


Identification and Advocacy
Recognizing Childhood Trauma: Identification, Implementation, & Advocacy
Sande Shamash
Impact of Trauma
Impact of Trauma on Learning
Dr. Sally Herschman


Transition Services Overview of Transition-Oriented Case Law iInvolving the IDEA and Successful Strategies for Litigating
David Berney, Felicia Hurewitz and Jennifer Sang
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