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The following recorded webinars are available on demand as part of a subscription, in addition to all live sessions held during the subscription year. 

Annual Review of the Court of Appeals 
- Presenter, Judith Gran, Esq.


2015 Case Law Review

• 2014 case Law Review 

• 2013 Case Law Review

• 2012 Case Law Review 

• 2011 Case Law Review 

• 2010 Case Law Review

• 2009 Case Law Review 

2015 Sessions

  • When Residential Placement is Necessary for FAPE:  Understanding the Standard to Win at Hearing
    Presenters: Marlies Spanjaard, Esq. and Michele Scanongeli, Esq.
  • The Impact of Emotional Disturbances on Academic Functioning: A Review of the Risk and Protective Factors
    Presenter: Dr. Lauren Stevenson

  • Evaluating FBAs and BIPs for Legal Compliance and Components to Support Behavior Change
    Presenters: Dr. Anne McLaulin and Cheryl Steedman, Esq.

  • The Top 40 Chart-Topping District Court Decisions of 2014
    Presenters: Richard O’Meara, Esq. and Stacey Neumann, Esq.

  • Running Your Own Special Education Practice
    Presenter: James Baron, Esq.

  • Fee Shifting Under the IDEA: How to Get Fees and How to Avoid Having to Pay Them (coming soon)
    Presenter: Aimee Gilman, Esq.

  • Making Up is Hard to Do: A Look at Compensatory Education (coming soon)

    Presenters: Michele Kule-Korgood, Esq. and Tracey Walsh, Esq.

  • What Are They Hiding? Using FOIA Laws to Level the Playing Field (coming soon)

    Presenters: David Jefferson, and Alexis Casillas, Esq.

  • Civil Rights Damages in Special Education Cases (coming soon)

    Presenter: Marcy Tiffany, Esq.

  • Advocating for Effective School Discipline
    Presenters: Lisa Sryon and Stefanie Shabman. Esq.

  • Succeeding in Manifestation Determination Reviews: A Step-by-Step Approach for Obtaining the Best Result 

    Presenters: Michele Savongelli, Esq. and Marlies Spanjaard, Esq.

  • Representing the Non-Attending Student

    Presenters: Charles Fox, Esq. and Julie Welsh, Esq.

  • Advocacy for Children who Exhibit Challenging Behaviors
    Presenter: Mark Kamleiter, Esq.
  • Keeping the "I” in IEE
  • Presenters: Alexis Casillas, Esq. and Roberta Savage, Esq.
  • Impact of ADHD and Executive Functioning Deficits on Learning Behaviors
    Presenters: Susan Bruce and Mary Eaddy

  • Eligibility Checklist: A Simple Assessment Tool
    Presenters: Danielle Tenner and Jill Rowland

  • The "Adversely Affects Educational Performance” Standard In The Determination of Student Eligibility For Children Who Make Passing Grades 
    Presenter: Mandy Leigh, Esq.

  • Issue-Spotting for Advocates:  An Overview of How to Analyze a Client's Case for Effective Advocacy
    Presenters: Mandy Favaloro, Esq. and Carrie Watts, J.D.

  • IDEA’ s "Placement” Decision: More than Just Location
    Presenters: Jon Zimring, Esq. and Janet Haury, Esq.

  • Impact of Trauma on Learning

    Presenter: Dr. Sally Herschman

  • Recognizing Childhood Trauma: Identification, Implementation, & Advocacy
    Presenters: Sande S. Shamash, Esq. & Marissa J. LaVette, Esq.


Previous Sessions

  • Navigating Litigation Limbo: Guiding the IEP Process, Post Appeal
    Presented by: Mark Woodsmall, Esq. and Mark Ohl, Esq.


  • Creating a Winning Stay Put Argument
    Presented By: Carrie Watts, JD and Many Favaloro, Esq.

  • Taking Fees Out of the Equation: Representing Low Income Clients in Special Education
    Presented by: Sande S. Shamash and Marissa LaVette

  • Latest Top 40 Chart-Topping Decisions That You Should Be Citing
    Presented by: Richard L. O'Meara, Esq. and Buckley J. Hugo, Esq.

  •  Using Section 504 And The ADA In Special Education Advocacy
    Presented by: Catherine Merino Reisman, Esq.

  • Ethical Considerations for Special Education Attorneys
    Presented by: Elizabeth Hyatt, Esq

  • Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans: Practical Evaluation and Legal Aspects
    Presented by: Cheryl Steedman, Esq., Annie McClaughlin, PhD, BCBA-D

  • If My Service Dog Can't Come to School Neither Can I
    Presented by Christina Ghio, Esq.

  • Making Good Decisions About IQ Testing 
    Presented by: Melissa Farrall, PhD

  • All About IEEs - 
    Presented by Diane Willcutts

  • Good Language Evaluations 
    Presented by: Lydia Sofier, Ph.D and Heather Ironside, M.S.

  • Using DSM Specific Strategies
    Presented by: Barbara Ebenstein, Esq.

  • Educating ALL Students on the Common Core State Standards: New State Alternate Assessments and Instructional Materials - Ricki Sabia, JD 

  • When I Grow Up, I Want to be an Advocate- the Nuts and Bolts of Going Pro 
    Presented by: Diane Willcutts 

  • Preparation and Advocacy Strategies Before the IEP Meeting 
    Presented by: Mandy Favaloro, Esq, and Carrie Watts, Esq.
  • Getting to Yes: Effective Negotiation Strategies 
    Presented by: Dana Jonson, Esq. 

  • How and Why to Be a Zealous – But Not Aggressive Advocate! 
    Presented by: Carrie Watts, Esq. and Elizabeth Eubanks, Esq. 

  • Securing Quality Related Services: Strategies for Effective Advocacy 
    Presented by: Mark Woodsmall, Esq. 

  • Planning Litigation Strategies for the 21st Century 
    Presented by: Jonathan Zimring, Esq, and Selene Almazan, Esq.

  • Executive Functions: Their Impact on Learning and Solutions for Remediation 
    Presented by: Ann McCarthy and Laurie Markus, Esq. 

  • Rethinking Manifestation Determination 
    Presented by: Jennifer R. Fee, Esq. 

  • What is Methodology? What is FAPE? 
    Presenters: Caroline Heller, Esq. and Andrew Feinstein, Esq.
  • Common Core Standards and Development of Standards-Based Individual Education Program 
    Presenter: Heather Allcock, PhD 

  • Unleashing the Power of the FBA: A multidisciplinary perspective 
    Presenters: Michelle Davis, ME.D., Eric Levine, EdD, Lisa Hess Rice, PhD., Monica Hammell, M.D.
  • Good Language Evaluations: What Advocates and Attorneys Need to Know 
    Presenters: Lydia Soifer, PhD, Heather Ironside 

  • Understanding Tests of Reading and Writing 
    Presenter: Melissa Farrall, PhD
  • ABC'S of Drafting Federal Court Pleadings 
    Presenters: Judith Gran, Esq., and Catherine Merino Reisman, Esq. 

  • Preserving the Parent's Dissent; Drafting Effective IEP Attachments- 
    Presenter: Mark Woodsmall, Esq. 

  • Details, Details: Understanding your rights and why they matter! 
    Presenters: Jennifer Laviano, Esq. and Dana Jonson, Esq. 

  • Research Without Resources, Utilizing the TA&D Network 
    Presenters: Mary Eaddy and Susan Bruce 

  • Supporting Students with Executive Functioning Deficits 
    Presenter: Jeffery Katz, PhD 

  • Obtaining High Quality Transition Services in the Face of a Myriad of Obstacles: Lessons Learned 
    Presenters: Janine Solomon, Esq. and Pamela Coveney, Esq.
  • What Happens After High School – Planning for the Transition to Adult Lives 
    Presenter: Haddash Foster 

  • Do-It-Yourself Special Education Due Process, an Educational Guide 
    Presenter: Dorene Philpot, Esq 

  • Social Emotional Assessment: Meeting IDEA Requirements 
    Presenter: Ann E. Simun, PsyD 

  • Expanding Your Arsenal with Section 504 
    Presenters: Mandy Favaloro, Esq. and Carolina Watts 

  • Litigating Claims for Unlawful Retaliation and Interference with Rights- 
    Presenters: Judith A. Gran, Esq., Catherine Merino Reisman, Esq., Selene A. Almazan, Esq.
  • Legal Claims for Bullying and Harassment 
    Presenters: Catherine Merino Reisman, Esq., Amy Carolla, Esq.

  • Disproportionality: What are we doing about it?
    Presenter: Sonja Kerr

  • Representing Parents Whose Dominant Language is Other Than English Presenter:Gabriela Ruiz, Esq., Southern Legal Counsel

  • Addressing Legal Issues of Disability and Race Discrimination
    Presenters: Matthew Engel, Esq., Ron Lospennato Esq.

  • The Challenges of Cultural Congruence: What Every Advocate for Black Students Should Know
    Presenter: Linda James Myers, Ph.D. , Professor, Ohio State University, past president of the Association of Black Psychologists, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Association for the Education of African American Children with Learning Disabilities.

  • Legal Requirements for Appropriate Transition Planning
    Presenters: Catherine Merino Reisman, Esq. Josh Kershenbaum, Esq.

  • Alternate Ways to Due Process
    Instructor: Sonja Kerr, Esq.

  • Getting Paid for Kicking Butt
    Jodi Siegel, Esq.

  • Impartial Hearings: The Hearing Officer's Perspective
    Instructor: Barbara J. Ebenstein, Esq.

  • Successful Advocacy and Negotiation Strategies for Your Next IEP
    Instructor: Charles P. Fox, Esq.

  • Informed Consent and Meaningful Participation under IDEA
    Instructor: Jon Zimring, Esq.

  • Least Restrictive Environment: The Intersection of Research and Law
    Instructor: Selene A. Almazan, Esq.

  • Keeping Students in School: a Training on IDEA Discipline Law and Combating Zero Tolerance Policies
    Instructors: Matthew Engel, Esq. and Ron Hager, Esq.

  • Reduced Special Education Law: A Little of Everything You Need to Know in 90 Minutes or Less
    Instructor: Matthew Cohen, Esq.  
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