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Webinar Series: Free Parent Member Training

The Parent Committee, chaired by COPAA Board Members Monika Jones (CA) and Denise Smith (TX) are launching a new initiative for COPAA Parent Members, a FREE 10-part webinar series on the IEP!

The goal of the series is to help parents understand the process of building your child’s individual education program. We hope to support your empowerment and advocacy by deepening your understanding of the IEP process. All webinars are taught by COPAA experts and conclude with a Q and A, where you can ask your specific questions. You find a full list of the webinar topics below.

To register to COPAA’s FREE parent webinar series on the IEP process, login to connect.copaa.org as a COPAA Parent Member and visit the parent discussion community for the registration link and a full description of sessions.

If you are not yet a COPAA Parent Member, visit www.copaa.org/joinus to become one today. The parent webinar series is included with your $50 annual membership! Scholarships are available.

1. Referral To Special Education: Thursday, December 6th, 1pm EST
The first step in the IEP process is referral to special education. This webinar will teach you how to get a referral to special education if you suspect your child has special learning needs.
Presenter: Monika Jones

2. Assessment Pt 1 – Evaluation & Identification: Thursday, December 13th, 1pm EST
Description: T
he second step in the IEP process is assessment. Learn about the special education evaluation process and what it means for your child. Who does the evaluation? How long do evaluations take? What questions should you ask? You will also learn more about identification.
Presenters: Ann Simun & Sandra Dixon Shove

3. Assessment Pt 2 – Independent Educational Evaluations: Thursday, December 20th, 1pm EST
Your child has gone through the special education evaluation process at school, but you do not agree with the evaluation. What do you do? This webinar explores independent educational evaluations: how do you get them, who pays for them, what is the school required to with the evaluation, and more.
Presenter: Diane Willcutts

4. Develop the IEP Pt 1 - Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance: Thursday, January 10th, 1pm EST
The Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance is key to your children’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). It should cover all the areas your child needs support. Learn more about how to ensure your child’s needs are covered, what questions to ask, and what should be included. 
Jennifer Laviano and Julie Swanson 

5. Develop the IEP Pt 2 - Goals and Progress Monitoring: Thursday, January 17th, 1pm EST
Crafting clear and concise goals that address area of need are crucial. And progress monitoring is critical to ensuring your child’s learning needs are being met. This webinar discusses how to ensure your child has measurable and appropriate goals.
Presenter: David Beinke

6. Develop the IEP Pt 3 - Specially-designed Instruction, Supplemental Aids and Services, Related Services, Accommodations: Thursday, January 24th, 1pm EST
This webinar explores your child’s IEP statement of special education, related services, supplementary aids, services, and accommodations to be provided. These services are critical elements in supporting your child’s education in regular classes and their participation in a range of another school activities.  
Presenters: Anne Treimanis & Sonali Sarma

7. Placement - Least Restrictive Environment, Continuum of Services: Thursday, January 31, 1pm EST
Want to ensure your child is in the least restrictive environment? And is the least restrictive environment the right placement for your child? This webinar explores the extent to which special education services are provided to your child in a regular classroom setting. It will also discuss the different service delivery models utilized to provide specially designed instruction to your child (continuum of services).
Presenter: Selene Almazan

8. Review the IEP: Thursday, February 7th, 1pm EST
Description: The IEP team (which includes you as a parent) must review your child's IEP at least once a year. The IEP review analyzes whether, or to what extent your child is achieving their annual goals. This webinar explores the IEP review process: how to prepare, what questions to ask, what do you do if goals aren’t being met, and more.
Hadassah Foster and Cynthia Daniels Hall 

9. Re-Evaluate - When and Why, Thursday, February 14th, 1pm EST
Description: Learn more about the difference between a reevaluation and an annual review of your child’s IEP. A reevaluation can be helpful tool for many reasons, including if there are new areas of concern beyond what the initial evaluation showed!
Presenters: Maureen van Stone & Mallory Finn

10. Transition IEPs, Thursday, February 21st, 1pm EST
Description: Transition services must be included in all IEPs, when your child turns 16, and, may also be included for a younger child.  The final webinar in the series dives into the requirements of transition under law, best practices to ensure your child is getting the services needed, and things to look out for and ask.
Presenter: Eileen Crumm


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