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Nate's Story

“Please, he thought, don’t call on me…”

Picture of Boy and Girl reading at desk. Nate slinked lower in his chair and pulled his hat tight.  “Please, he thought, don’t call on me to read out loud. The other kids already think I am so stupid.”  Nate was in the 6th grade, but reading at a 2nd grade level.  As a result, learning was hard and Nate was miserable.

The school district had been providing many hours a week of special education and related services for Nate since kindergarten, but he had made minimal progress.  School officials said this was to be expected, after all, “Nate has dyslexia.”  

Nate’s parents hated to see their son suffer and decided to call an educational advocate, who recommended a comprehensive reading evaluation.  After the evaluation was complete, Nate’s Individualized Education Program team (IEP team) not only received new recommendations for effective programming, they agreed to place Nate in a specialized school for students with dyslexia.  After just a few short months Nate’s reading level jumped up a grade.  His progress has been remarkable over the past year, and he is finally and quickly closing the gap.   Nate looks forward to school now and he is confidently participating in class.

We are so thankful for you - and for the quality representation and knowledgeable support you provide for students just like Nate all across the country. Support from a member of this unparalleled peer-to-peer network makes a difference and enables students with disabilities to attend school, graduate, and go to college, get a job, and live the American Dream.  

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