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picture of black girl with glasses looking forlorn with group of middle school kids behind her


Eliza’s father fought the system over and over again, trying to get his daughter relief.  Instead of relief, what he got was the district retaliating against him and Eliza. The district called Child Protective Services on Eliza’s father and filed juvenile criminal charges against Eliza when she finally had enough and stood up to a bully.  At that point, Eliza’s father contacted a COPAA attorney.  Through mediation the family was able to secure what they needed to move to a different state and start a new life. 

Eliza is thriving in her new school – she is now looking at art schools and studying for her driving test.  Eliza and her younger siblings enjoy a rich curriculum and two recesses a day.  Eliza’s father has been volunteering at the school and reports “it’s amazing here, an entirely different America.  The district here is very nice and actually it’s kind of surreal.”  He and the other parents chat with the bus driver in the mornings and wave as the kids leave for school. This may sound trivial and expected, but this kind of positive interaction was nothing Eliza or her family had experienced in the previous district.  Eliza’s brother is taking robotic engineering and Japanese in high school.  He’s building robots on a team for competition.  

Eliza’s dad stated, “I cannot say enough how grateful I am for having the help of an attorney. What you did for my family is simply immeasurable.” 

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