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2020 Conference Sponsors



Diamond Sponsors

Bayes Achievement Center Logo

Bayes Achievement Center

Bayes Achievement Center is a Joint Commission accredited therapeutic residential program and TEA-approved non-public school that serves the children and young people who are most in need, those with the most severe behavioral issues. At the heart of our program is unconditional care. We are committed to serve any student regardless of the severity of their behavior and once in our program we will never kick a student out for behavioral reasons. It's this commitment to our students that has been the secret to our success. We serve boys and girls, ages 6-22 with a variety of exceptionalities including students with autism, intellectual disabilities, and emotional and behavioral disorders. For over 20 years we've worked with hundreds of children and their families to help them have the best life possible.


Winston Preparatory School

Winston Preparatory School is a highly individualized and responsive setting for students ages 9 to 21 with learning disabilities. Our unique education model of education for the individual provides intense skill remediation while encouraging students to build independence, resilience, responsibility and self-awareness. At WPS, the faculty assess and understand students where they are, help them advance at a meaningful pace, and teach them to move forward independently.

WPS currently has five campuses in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, and are opening a sixth campus in California in August 2020. We are exploring additional opportunities nationally and internationally.

Platinum Sponsors

Law Offices of Regina Skyer & Assoc. Logo

The Law Offices of Regina Skyer & Associates

Founded in 1992 by Regina Skyer, for the sole purpose of advocating, mediating and litigating on behalf of children with special education needs, The Law Offices of Regina Skyer & Associates, LLP, has grown into New York’s premier law firm in this area of legal practice.


Reisman Carolla Gran LLP Logo

Reisman Carolla Gran & Zuba

The attorneys at Reisman Carolla Gran LLP, located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, bring together more than sixty years of experience practicing law in many jurisdictions, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves in providing personal, high quality legal service with the cost-effectiveness a small firm has to offer. The attorneys at Reisman Carolla Gran are personally and professionally experienced with the special education process. We provide consultation and guidance regarding the legal rights of children with disabilities, requirements in connection with the development of an Individualized Education Program, and legal options when parents cannot come to an agreement with a school district.

The Steedman Law Group

The Steedman Law Group is dedicated to providing experienced, compassionate advocacy and legal representation to assist children and adults with disabilities in securing appropriate educational services and accommodations. We provide a continuum of services: behind-the-scenes consultation, active participation in the IEP process, informal negotiation to resolve issues, and formal legal representation through mediation, resolution sessions, due process hearings, federal appeals, or appeal procedures for denials of accommodations. We also offer presentations for local and national organizations to empower families as they navigate the complex procedures and laws governing educational rights for those with special needs. Our practice extends from the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area and throughout Maryland.

Gold Sponsors

Alpine Academy Logo

Alpine Academy

Alpine Academy is an RTC for girls ages 12-18 with emotional disturbances. The model we use (Teaching Family Model) focuses on skill based development from trained and certified specialists to help our youth learn the skills to stop surviving life and start living it. We are accredited through AdvancEd and a certified NPS for California and Illinois. Our dual-endorsed teachers lead every class in a normalized school environment. Master's level clinicians conduct individual, family, and group therapy weekly.

California Association for Parent-Child Advocacy

The California Association for Parent-Child Advocacy is a collaborative, statewide organization which monitors, analyzes, and responds to both legislative and policy initiatives which would affect the education and lifelong prospects for students with disabilities in California. CAPCA has evolved to be a strong voice in California for: Special Education Parents, Disability Professionals, Special Education Attorneys, and Special Education Advocates. CAPCA is an opportunity for members of the disability community to network, share information and resources, and participate in legislative issues and policy surrounding special education in California. CAPCA provides several levels of support to its members, including active listservs, annual membership meetings, and mentoring. We have a strong membership based of attorneys, advocates and parents. If you would like more information about CAPCA please contact our Co-Chairs,Maureen GravesandRoberta Savage. If you have any membership-related questions, please contact our Membership Coordinator/Treasurer,Miho Murai.

Cherry Gulch Logo

Cherry Gulch

Cherry Gulch is a ranch style therapeutic boarding school specially for boys ranging from 10 to 14 year old. A unique therapeutic environment is provided on our beautiful 200 acre ranch. We offer at least 10 hours of scheduled therapeutic services a week but much more therapy takes place as life unfolds and a therapeutic moment arises. Our therapeutic services take shape as creative approaches to empirically-based treatments and include individual, group, and family therapy, with experienced doctorate and masters level therapists. We also offer equine assisted psychotherapy and a wide variety of active experiential learning and therapeutic activities. Cherry Gulch is passionate about providing early intervention and prevention to help boys reach their full potential and become well-rounded pro-social young men. We are dedicated to providing outstanding academic and therapeutic services to students and their families in the context of a safe, supportive environment and work toward “Building Brighter Tomorrows for the Boys of Today.”

Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy is an accredited middle and high school with over 50 locations across the country. We provide a personalized education through one-to-one instruction (one student and one teacher per classroom), customized scheduling, and our unique mentoring approach. Through our model of Love, Motivate, Teach, we support students emotionally, socially, and academically. While each student comes to us for a different reason, our non-traditional model is excellent for students who: • Have ADHD or other mild learning differences • Are gifted or twice exceptional • Struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges • Are school avoidant • Need a more flexible schedule. We offer over 250 courses which meet state standards and are taught to mastery level. Wellness and Life Skills are required for our full-time students because we believe they are incredibly important to set students up for success in life beyond high school. Our Homework Café® is where students complete course work at school, and it also acts as the social hub of each campus. Various clubs and intentional social opportunities happen in this space, and we also facilitate off-campus events like field trips and prom.
Haynes Family of Programs Logo

Haynes Family of Programs - S.T.A.R. Academy

Haynes Family of Programs Inc. - S.T.A.R. Academy is a state certified Non-Public Agency (NPA). We provide Supplemental Academic Support (SAS), Transition services, and Other Related Services such as Language and Speech, Occupational Therapy, Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Services (ERICS), and Behavior Intervention Services. A credentialed special education teacher or licensed therapist provides these special education services on a one-to-one basis, direct to the student’s home or hospital throughout California. We are also a state certified Non-Public School (NPS) certified for In-Home & Hospital (IHH) services and an internationally accredited Residential Treatment Facility.
Huntington Learning Centers Logo

Huntington Learning Center

Huntington Learning Center is the expert K - 12 tutoring and test prep provider. Huntington helps students at all levels achieve results with personalized attention and proven results at accredited centers with certified teachers. Areas of instruction include phonics, reading, writing, math, science, study skills, executive functioning skills, ACT and SAT prep, state and standardized exam prep and specialized ADHD programs. The methodology is prescriptive diagnostic developing the skills, confidence and motivation to help give every student the best education possible, which has been Huntington's mission since 1977. Learn how Huntington can help at HuntingtonHelps.com.


John Rue & Associates, LLC

Concentrating in special education law and serving families of children with disabilities throughout New Jersey, John Rue & Associates is a full-service education law firm, representing parents in disputes with public and private schools.
Kule-Korgood and Associates, PC Logo

Kule-Korgood and Associates, PC

Kule-Korgood and Associates, PC is a private law practice located in Forest Hills, NY, that focuses on representing parents of children with disabilities in obtaining an effective education. Our staff has been advocating on behalf of children with disabilities for over twenty years.

Law Offices of Jennifer Laviano, LLC

Based in Connecticut, The Law Offices of Jennifer Laviano, LLC represents children with disabilities throughout the special education legal process. Representation includes attendance at IEP Team Meetings, Mediation, Due Process Hearings, and, if necessary, federal court. Combining zealous advocacy with compassion and common sense, The Law Offices of Jennifer Laviano proudly serves clients in securing their Civil Rights.

Law Offices of Mark B. Martin, P.A.

A Maryland law firm with extensive experience advocating for the civil rights of children and individuals with disabilities. We provide legal services and advice in the areas of Special Education Law, Suspension and Expulsion Hearings, Special Needs Planning, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Defense and Civil Disability Rights.

Matthew Cohen & Associates, LLC

The law firm Matt Cohen & Associates, LLC maintains a general practice of law with an emphasis on special education and school-related issues, the legal problems of health care and human services providers and the legal needs of children and adults with substance dependency or mental, developmental and physical disabilities. Our services are provided through advocacy, informed and thoughtful consultation, representation in litigation and legislative efforts. The staff is committed to clients through advocacy work and continued education of the general public and concerned families.
Selene Almazan Law, LLC Logo

Selene Almazan Law, LLC

Selene Almazan Law, LLC is a small private practice representing students and their families in special education matters and civil rights. Selene has more than 30 years of representing parents and their children in special education matters, primarily in least restrictive environment cases. Each client is given individual attention during the duration of their case and their child's school career. Because of Selene's extensive experience representing families she is well respected by families and school attorneys.

Themis Solutions Inc. d/b/a Clio

Clio is the world’s leading cloud-based technology platform that prides itself in simplifying operations, growing businesses, and improving productivity for legal professionals like you. Let Clio focus on the business side of running your firm while you spend more time doing what you do best — practicing law.

Silver Sponsors

Anderson Center for Autism

Anderson Center for Autism’s (ACA) mission is to optimize quality of life for individuals with autism. Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley Region, two hours north of New York City, ACA provides residential and educational programs to students ages 5-21 with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. At Anderson Center for Autism, our evidence-based methods demonstrate realistic, steady progress and consistently make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families we serve. Based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our treatment approach focuses on techniques and interventions that use positive reinforcement to teach our individuals the skills they need to strive for independence and reach their full potential. Our professional team administers ABA programs that comprehensively address each individual's educational, emotional and social needs in a proactive, positive manner. We understand that autism dramatically affects the lives of all who face it. For families, the autism community and public organizations, Anderson Center is uniquely qualified to serve as a valuable, compassionate resource by providing education, support and outreach services, and information aimed at delivering assistance and increasing overall autism awareness.

Berney & Sang

Berney & Sang is a civil rights law firm that represents children with disabilities both at the administrative and federal level. We believe in using the law to empower traditionally disadvantaged groups, to achieve transformative change through the legal system, and to promote social justice. Our representation is guided by these three core principles. (1) “We believe your child matters;” (2) “We will fight relentlessly for your child’s rights;” and (3) “We strive for and achieve excellent results.” Every case we handle – from the smallest details of a telephone call to our court room advocacy – is managed in the context of these founding principles. We are zealous advocates, and we pride ourselves on achieving the absolute best possible results for our family of clients and have done so for many years. We litigate special education administrative cases in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We litigate bullying cases. We litigate federal special education cases around the nation and have developed one of the few special education federal appellate practices in the country. To learn more about us, please visit our website.

Boulder Creek Academy

At Boulder Creek Academy, students rediscover their academic and social confidence. The key to our success is that we reignite our students’ belief in themselves by utilizing time-tested and proven methods. Students begin to experience academic achievement, regain self-esteem, learn to embrace their uniqueness and become capable learners who are confident in themselves. Each day at Boulder Creek Academy is purposefully designed to maximize experiences that allow students to practice social skills, improve self-worth and develop healthy identity, benefit from therapeutic learning and to have fun. Boulder Creek Academy has been creating a therapeutic learning environment for high school students ages 14-18 with anxiety, depression, untapped academic potential, interpersonal relationship difficulties, limited executive function skills and overlooked strengths and talents for more than 25 years.

Freeman Law Offices, LLC Logo

Freeman Law Offices, LLC

Freeman Law Offices, LLC advocates for individuals with special needs across their lifespan. That includes but it is not limited to advocating for special education and related services in IEPs; accommodations in IEPs and 504 plans; Guardianships; Estate Plans; advising on SSI/Medicaid eligibility and advocating for adult services.
The Glenholme School Logo

The Glenholme School

The Glenholme School celebrates 50 years as a boarding and day school that provides a therapeutic program and exceptional learning environment to address varying levels of social, emotional, and academic development in students, ages 10 to 21, who face challenges associated with ASD, ADHD, OCD, Tourette, depression, and anxiety. The goal of our school to prepare students for post-secondary college and career opportunities.
Heartspring Logo


Heartspring’s residential school program is a non-profit day and residential school serving children ages five through 21 from across the country. We serve students impacted by developmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Most of our students have challenging behaviors that interfere with their academic, home, and community life. Heartspring is truly a unique educational setting that encompasses all areas of a student’s life, including education, residential living, psychological and medical care, as well as therapies such as speech-language pathology and occupational therapy.

Connell Michael Kerr, LLP

Partners Catherine Michael and Sonja Kerr work exclusively in the area of Education Law ensuring parents can enforce their child's educational rights. They bring more than a half century of legal experience in special education, general education, and private school matters. Our offices in Indiana, Texas, and Michigan handle hundreds of cases each year ranging from Special Education Due Process, federal appeals, Section 504 complaints and litigation, ADA Matters, Title IX litigation, expulsions, personal injury of students in schools, school shootings and violence, and private school matters.

Lakemary Center

Lakemary Center provides residential treatment services for children ages 6-21 in a co-ed setting on 32 acres in the small town of Paola, Kansas. Children at Lakemary are dually diagnosed with an intellectual/developmental disability coupled with a psychiatric diagnosis and every child receives individual therapy, special education services, and health/medical treatment in a 24/7 milieu. Lakemary accepts children from all over the country.

Logan River Academy 

Logan River Academy is a therapeutic residential treatment center that specializes in working with male and female adolescents ages 12 through 19 with Autism and or struggle with behavioral, emotional, and mental health disorders. We also provide excellent education through our highly accredited private school with tenured staff to offer academic and recreational opportunities for our residents to learn and grow. Since 2000 our Logan River Team has met the individual learning needs of students struggling with a wide range of behavioral and mental health issues. Our staff and programs have helped hundreds of students rediscover themselves and achieve success in their home, school, and community. Our program provides an atmosphere where our students learn and utilize CBT, DBT and EMDR skills, while incorporating the 5 principles for effective living in their lives (Honesty, Respect, Accountability, Fairness, and Caring). It is our mission goal is to help each student develop the necessary skills to thrive in life and with that dedication in mind, this year we opened a young adult program to help with the continuum of care for males and females ages 18-25.

Mass Mutual Life Financial Group Logo

Mass Mutual Financial Group

SpecialCare is a program developed by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) that provides access to information and resources to families with dependents, of any age, who have a disability. Our mission is to help educate families and caregivers of people with special needs about the importance and steps in creating a life care plan to help provide a secure financial future. For more information about Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its SpecialCare program, please visitwww.massmutual.com/specialcare.

Monarch Center for Autism & Reserve School

Bellefaire JCB, Cleveland, Ohio’s largest family services nonprofit, operates two therapeutic residential schools:

The Monarch Center for Autism, offers a prescriptive and high fidelity programming for individuals ages 8-22 with Autism Spectrum Disorders and dually diagnosed ASD and psychiatric disorders. Our continuum of services includes a range of supports intended to maximize each individual’s unique strengths and abilities to ensure that goals are realized. The Monarch Model, developed in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Howard Shane. Monarch’s visual language treatment Model combines visual supports, technology and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Specific programs include the Monarch School, a recognized day and residential school; the Monarch Transition Education Program which incorporates independent living skills, self-determination, job coaching and off site employment experiences with our dozens of community business partnerships; and the Monarch Boarding Academy, single-bedroomed cottages steps away from Monarch School.

The Reserve School fills a unique need for highly clinical and therapeutic treatment in a small, secured setting coupled with substantive special education programming for students ages 11-17 with significant mental health and psychiatric needs, demonstrated self-injurious and aggressive behaviors, who have experienced trauma and/or may require LGBTQ supports. The Reserve School takes a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to address the complex needs of each student - building upon their strengths as they progress through treatment in a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) residential milieu. The integrated team of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists specialize in trauma informed therapy, SUD, CBT and DBT in a highly therapeutic environment

Professional Tutors of America Logo

Professional Tutors of America

Professional Tutors of America has been helping children for over 35 years, since 1983. We are an excellent resource for families, public, non-public, and private schools. Our Special Education Teachers and Consultants can conduct and review assessments, attend IEP meetings, and provide recommendations for the best ways to meet a child's unique needs. We provide Academic Tutoring, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Counseling, and Transition Services. All services are provided at the student's location.

Law Office of Roberta S. Savage

The Law Office of Roberta S. Savage focuses on high-quality representation of students with disabilities in special education litigation. From initial assessment of your child’s case, to legal representation at mediations, hearings, and appeals, the Law Office of Roberta S. Savage strives to obtain positive results in program disputes and to improving the special education services provided to our clients.

Savit & Szymkowicz, LLP

General practice law firm specializing in special education, other education legal matters, employment issues, estate planning and probate, business disputes, special needs trusts, guardianship and conservatorship.

Shrub Oak International School

Shrub Oak is a therapeutic day and boarding school for students ages 8-30 on the autism spectrum who face complex challenges and have high personal attention needs. Located in NY less than one hour from NYC, Shrub Oak offers unparalleled educational opportunities in a family-centric, supportive environment, and our curriculum is based on the most advanced and successful evidence-based clinical and academic approaches in ASD education. Student diagnoses include autism spectrum disorder; nonverbal learning disability; social pragmatic communication disorder; ADHD; twice exceptional; dual diagnoses of autism and co-occurring conditions; and other related disorders.

Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School

The O-School serves youth (5-21) and families struggling with social-emotional issues due to mental health challenges and/or being on the autism spectrum. COA-accredited and NCA-certified, the O-School offers strong academics and intensive clinical interventions in an urban, Chicago-based setting.

Student Data Analytics, LLC

Student Data Analytics, LLC provides parents, lawyers and advocates data analytics and presentation services around student test data, student report card data, and private testing results.

Bronze Sponsors

Law Office of Tania L. Whiteleather Logo

Law Offices of Tania L. Whiteleather

Tania L. Whiteleather is a sole practitioner in Long Beach, California who represents students in the State of California in special education and related matters. She has handled cases involving many types of disabilities and has successfully represented clients with disabilities in administrative hearings, the juvenile courts, and federal appeals.

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